Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun with Games at Parties

I have become totally accustomed to playing these two games at my parties:

Who is the Sex Goddess tonight? and Pleasure BINGO!

Never do I dread the games. Presentation...sometimes. You just want to get to ordering sometimes!! $ But once I get through the intro and into the products, it just flows and is fun. But GAMES?!?!? Always fun times! :)

Who is the Sex Goddess Tonight is a game where I read off a bunch of sexual (and some romantic, depending on the crowd) experiences. If anyone has done the experience before, they fill one of their 12 squares with a heart. An experience could be "If you have ever bought your lover a sex toy as a gift" or "If you have ever joined your lovers shower unannounced". The first person who has all 12 squares filled, has to yell "I AM THE SEX GODDESS TONIGHT!!" Then she would get a prize. I also give the person with the lowest amount of hearts a prize, because, well...they obviously need some spicin' up in their sex life. So once, I read off the winning experience for a certain guest at a party in Central NJ. It was "If you had ever dressed up as a sexy pair for Halloween with your lover, like pimp and ho" She jumps up and raises her hand. Due to a mental glitch, she yells "I'm the Ho!!!!" She turns beat red amongst roars of laughter from everyone else and sits back down and quietly says "I mean, I'm a sex goddess." I'll never forget it.

Pleasure Bingo is like regular Bingo, except instead of numbers/letters, the board is made up of sexy words. Massage, Penis, Bullet, Whips & Chains, etc. So when someone gets a Bingo (5 in a row up and down, across or diagonal) they won't yell "BINGO!" or "I Love Sex!" or anything of the sort. They must FAKE AN ORGASM!!! (a la When Harry Met Sally) Yeah, and the average orgasm for women lasts 8 seconds. So if they do it for 4, they get a prize. If they do it for 8, they get double the prize. Every party is different with this game. Sometimes it will take a lot of guts for the first winner to start her fake moans. It's fun to hear guests start to get close and you can tell they are nervous, saying "Oh no!" or "I'm getting close..." Just like a real orgasm!! I say, "Are we getting close to our orgasms?" After the first winner, we go for more! Multiple orgasms, I call it. One of my parties' all time record was a certain young lady at a party in Manhattan who beat Meg Ryan by a landslide. Open windows in a high-rise apartment, I'm sure the whole city heard her. And the couch got quite a beating. She goes "Oh Daddy, yeah! That's it. That's the ticket Papi. Ooooh. Yeah, Baby Ooohh. Ahhhh. *gets on hands and knees* OOOHH. Right there! RIGHT THERE!!!! OHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOODDDDDD! *humping the couch* YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!! SHHHHIIIITTTTTT OHHHHHH". By the time she was finished, everyone was on the floor holding their sides they were laughing so hard.

XO Pascale


Chrissy said...

Thank you so much for your game ideas. I'm having a sex toy party tomorrow night and bought some random cute gifts so i thought why not play a fun game, but couldn't think of one. I think I'm definately going to do the "I am a sex goddess" game :)