Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Love U OUTBEATS the competition! (Romance Party Plan Comparison)

I've been with 2 companies before switching to Love U. In the five years that I've been in business, I've never seen anything like this before.

First off, there's the quality of product thing. I'm hoping people know by now about the toxins in so many of these popular toy party plan toys. The Osaki Beaver aka Jelly Osaki is one of them. Made by Golden Triangle, the Osaki is full of dyes and full of phthalates. We're talking reproductive system and liver damage. OUCH people! Ever take a toy out the package and the smell of chemicals is overwhelming? NOT GOOD. The products are carefully chosen to be of the best material. No other company has this amazing benefit. I predict we've started a trend and you'll see other companies pop up with "phthalate free" messages and such. Don't be fooled, they'll still be selling overpriced, poorly made cheap items with pretty bad defective rates. Oh! Did you know that Love U manufactures their own lubes to be glycerin and paraben free? Wonderful! :)

Second of all, there's the TRUE 50% factor. When you sign up with Love U Parties, you'll earn 50% on all your sales. Love U pays for a great hostess rewards program. They allow us to use their merchant account with no percentage rates to calculate. Other companies have as high as a 3.5% rate on credit card orders. Just $500 alone in credit card totals can come out to $17.50. So, our 50% is pretty AMAZING for a sales commission.

Sex Ed! What kind of sex ed can you expect from a company? With Love U, you'll have our President Ducky Doolittle in our support forums, there to answer any questions.

Being able to offer a $99 kit for "Every Body" or "For Him" has been a blessing. I've brought a few ladies on to the biz myself who could not afford the smallest $200+ kit that other companies offer. They've since grown their kits to be exactly what they want thanks to the 50% they've made from their sales. In times like these, when money is scarce for some being I'm so thankful to have this permanent option.

So, I didn't leave a team of almost 200 people and a multi-thousand dollar monthly bonus check for shits and giggles! I made the switch to get it early and seize the opportunity to grow along side an amazing company with a purpose! Oh and everything I mentioned above! Find out more about the opportunity in detail here. I'm always available if you want to chat! Just contact me and I'll help you get started with Love U Parties. Come join the ride, it's going to be funnnn! :)


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