Friday, October 12, 2007

Interesting Toy #1 - Thru-Hole Butt Plugs


We're at it again, inventing something new & totally unique. Our brand new Thru-Hole Butt Plugs are a butt plug that serves a dual purpose. For those that have wanted a butt plug with a hole through the center for anything their imagination can dream up, it's here. And at the same time, for those who have been wanting an adapter for their shower shot nozzle, here it is! An extra special feature of the butt plugs is that a shower shot nozzle fits into the center of the butt plug, serving a dual purpose. It's like getting two toys in one. The hole at the top and the bottom of the plugs are different sizes, so the shower nozzle will stop about half way and not slide all the way through. The butt plugs come in three different diameters. 1 1/2", 2" and 2 1/2". They expertly engineered from solid aerospace grade 6061 billet aluminum. Available in Brushed or Polished finish.

Sometimes in the business we, as consultants, get strange calls or emails. (I'll save the call about the guy that wanted a toy that simulates getting kicked in the balls for another post) Now, this was kind of a email, targeting sex toy retailers to sell their product. I did check out their website and they certainly have quite a list of 'interesting toys'. No prices though. Too bad, because I could've featured them as an Expensive Toys post. But instead I started an Interesting Toy label.

OK, so back to the point. A hole through the butt plug "for whatever your imagination can dream up". OK, all you imaginative people!!!! Tell me what your crazy minds can dream up for this "thru-hole" toy right here. (just click "Comments" below to enter your thoughts)


Anonymous said...

This will work perfectly for use with the Neosteel chastity belt my wife wears. We have a very form fitted belt from Neosteel that accepts locking butt plugs and vaginal plugs. My wife wears a 2" and a 2-1/2" butt plug 24/7 locked into the belt for plug training. The problem is that she has to be let out to go to the bathroom.

This new butt plug when fitted to the locking shield may allow me to go to work and take the key with me. If she needs to go to the bathroom while I'm gone, she can use the shower shot and give herself an enema instead of having to be let out of her plug.

This may allow me to train her for true 24/7 plug wear. I'm going to love this new plug. She probably won't like this at all.

Anonymous said...

It could be used as a way to induce bowel incontinence in a scene -- more specifically for use with diapers.